Doctoral School in Chemistry


The PhD programme in Chemistry offers the students a general comprehensive structure including lectures in modern chemistry and training in critical analysis of the scientific literature, results assessments and preparation of grant applications, defending results, writing scientific papers and communication skills for paper presentation. Lectures programmes includes training in mass spectrometry and NMR, green chemistry and “operando” investigations, surface plasmon resonance, applied electrochemistry.

The students are integrated into the Department by joining internationally recognized research groups covering a broad spectrum of chemical science ranging from catalysis and biocatalysis to organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, bioanalytical and theoretical chemistry.

The Department disposes of modern apparatus and has access to sophisticated facilities such as synchrotron in-situ and operand investigations, HRTEM, HADAF, XPS, STEM characterizations. Moreover, there is a culture of publication in high ranked journals and participation in top international conferences.

The Doctoral school is well anchored in the European strategy for the PhD students. There are many applications for the European International Training Network projects, conventions of internationals co-tutelles and bilateral agreements for exchange PhD students.

PhD coordinators:

acad. prof. dr. Andruh Marius

prof. dr. Badea Irinel Adriana

prof. dr. Bala Camelia

prof. dr. David Victor

assoc. prof. dr. habil. Ioniţă Petre

assoc. prof. habil. Marcu Ioan Cezar

prof. dr. Medvedovici Andrei Valentin

prof. dr. Pârvulescu Vasile








Address: Regina Elisabeta Blvd., 030018, Bucharest-3
Tel: +40 21 3159249
Fax: +40 21 3159249

department of:
Faculty of Chemistry.

Executive board

Director:  prof. dr. Camelia BALA

Secretary: Cornelia FLOROIU



Last updated at: January 18, 2018.