Romanian Language Course (ERASMUS)

For the ERASMUS students only, the University of Bucharest offers during the academic year a Romanian language course which is composed of three groups: beginners 1(French speaking students), beginners 2 (English speaking students) and intermediate (normally held for exchange students who have studied Romanian before coming to Romania). Each module lasts for one semester and it is evaluated through two language tests: an oral and a written one (6 ECTS awareded). Each semester, there are at least one beginner’s and one intermediate modules starting. You will attend this course in the same period of time with your usual courses at UB and only if you are an Erasmus student at our university.

The Romanian language course starts in:

-          October (for the autumn semester)

-          February (for the spring semester)

If you choose to participate in this course, you will also receive a Romanian language manual, from the Erasmus Department, as soon as you arrive at UB.

The Romanian language courses and the Romanian language manual are free of charge for all Erasmus students.


NB: The University of Bucharest DO NOT organise the Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC) in September 2014 for the academic year 2014-2015.








Last updated at: July 07, 2014.