Research Centre Catalysts and catalytic processes

Director: Professor Doctor Vasile Parvulescu

Thematic directions

  • new systems for catalytic removal of SO2 and NO;
  • catalytic desulphurization of petroleum and gas flows;
  • studies on the electronic properties of the catalysts in conjunction with their catalytic performance;
  • colloidal catalysts immobilized on solid matrix;
  • selective oxidation of hydrocarbons on mesoporous solids;
  • conversion of alkanes and alkenes on solid acid catalysts;
  • hydrogenation catalysts for chemo, stereo and diastereoselective of organic compounds;
  • mesoporous zeolites used as supports for chiral catalysts;
  • oligomerization of lower alkenes dimerised and organometallic complex catalysts immobilized on or embedded in zeolites.


  • Advanced materials derived fro hydrotlcite-like compounds for the removal of the pollutants from wastewaters and liquid effluent (ECOPAM)
  • Photocatalysis for hydrogen and fuel production from biomass and waste water
  • Amino acids, the structural units are selected
  • Catalytic Activation of the protected aromatic hydrocarbons in the presence of N2O for obtaining partial oxidation
  • Mixed oxide semiconductor character and their activity in the catalytic removal of volatile organic compounds
  • New mezostructurati type oxide catalysts M-O-Mg-Al hydrotalcites for combustion of precursors and catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation of lower alkanes
  • Changes induced by memory effect in the physical-structural characteristics of hydrotalcitesDevelop criteria for the design of catalysts used in fine organic synthesis..







Address 4-12 Elisabeta Blvd, sector 3, postal code 70346, Bucharest, PO Box 12-241
Tel/Fax +4021-4100241
Subordination: Faculty of Chemistry
Field: Basic and applied research in the field of preparation, characterization and testing of catalysts in chemical processes. Development of new catalysts and contact processes. Survey of catalysts and consulting activity
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