Geomatics Research Centre




Contact persons:           prof. dr. ing. Cornel PĂUNESCU


                                          Tel.: +40722.209.287

                   Florina Chitea TULUCA


Tel. : +40748.025.550

                                         mat. dr. Manuel VAIS


                                                   Tel. : +40726.766.706


I. Name:


II. Director name:

   Cornel PĂUNESCU

III. Didactic degree:

  Professor doctor engineer

IV. Faculty

             Geology și Geophisics Faculty from Bucharest University

V. Research domain:


VI. Research areas:

-          Terestrial and airborne laser scanner, mapping, DTM and DEM, other geodetical domains;

-          Geographic information system, Global Positioning System, Hidrography;

-          Cartography, Photogrametry, Positioning, Remote sensing, Topography;

-          Archaeological surveys of land areas;

-          Survey and monitoring some areas from the environment point of view;

-          Geophisical exploration;

-          Geomatic and Microgeomatics engineering.

VII. Research team:

-          PĂUNESCU Cornel – professor doctor engineer, surveyor engineer;

-          TULUCA Florina, doctor engineer, surveyor engineer;

-          DUMITRU George – geophisicist engineer;

-          VAIS Manuel – matematician, doctor in geophisics;

-          MOGOȘ Daniel – geological engineer;

-          CHIȚOIU Alin Florin - geophisicist engineer;

-          GRIGORE Mihai - geophisicist engineer;

-          MERCIU Georgian – doctor in geography, cartographer.

VIII. Activities:

-          Teoretical and applicative researches;

-          Organising Workshops and round tables in geomatic domain;

-          Generate articles and studies;

-          The bid for the research projects;

-          The bid for other projects;

-          High qaulity for activities;

-          Technical support for young researchers and students at different universitary levels including master and doctoral stage;

-          Participation at national and international scientifical meetings and workshops in geomatical domain;

-          Colaboration with similar research center from other universities.


IX. Rcsources:


  1.      Resources from the part of Bucharest University, Geology and Geophisics Faculty:
  • Center office: rooms 11 and 12, second floor, building from 6, Traian Vuia str., that means „Topography and Remote Sensing labs”;
  • Link to internet;
  • 15 tables with two places;
  • 25 chairs;
  • Arround 50 volumes of dedicated books.
  1. Resources from the part of S.C. Cornel & Cornel TOPOEXIM srl:
  • 12 computers with two monitors and needed software for labs works;
  • 3 computers with needed software for labs works;
  • 1 video projector (bimmer);
  • 1 projection screen;
  • 1 color printer A3;
  • One academic licence for IDRISI – SELVA software;
  • Arround 80 volumes of dedicated books.
  1. Some software licences GeoMedia and ERDAS for teachers and students from the part of INTERGRAPH  (INTEGRAPH – U partnership).


X. Research proposals:


  • Using satellite image fusion (optical and RADAR images) for geological applications;
  • Evaluation of visible spectral band based on Lysenga formula and a set of in-situ bathimetric mesurments;
  • Bathimetric maps of coastal and continental platform of Black See using World View 2 satellite image;
  • Using infrared spectral bands as a support for seismic prospecting;
  • Geo-Spatial data base for geto - dacical archaeological sites




Geomatics Lab in classes time.




Geomatics labLaboratorul de geomatica in timpul unor lucrari de laboratorLaboratorul de geomatica in timpul unor lucrari de laborator






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