UB Culture

The University of Bucharest is a university in which the identity values Virtute et Sapientia are expressed through the intern adhocratic management, a constant improvement of teaching quality, the continuous support for students and researchers in order to improve the academic life. Therefore, the culture of the University of Bucharest refers to practices and attitudes of initiative, dynamics and diversity. Students of the University of Bucharest represent a community in which are promoted values and assets such as quality, professionalism and respect for education.

site StartUB
 (www.startub.unibuc.ro) is an online platform of informal education of the University of Bucharest. The sections of this platform highlight UB students’ passions and interests:events, sports and ecology, stages and volunteering. Students’ associations create a dynamic, creative and civic atmosphere within the University of Bucharest. Exhibits, debates, competitions, these are frameworks and ways of expressing an attitude that can be found in the University of Bucharest.

site MultimediaUBMediaUB (www.media.unibuc.ro) brings foreword a new way of institutional communication. News, scientific reports, press releases, multimedia supports (photos, videos, audios), all these can be found in a new dynamic platform. The diversity of materials offers a complete image of research domains. Through the use of NTIC, results of research activity are presented in a very attractive way, textually and visually, in order to insure the transparency and the utility of research activity of the University of Bucharest.

site topUBTopUB (www.topub.unibuc.ro) is the online journal of the University of Bucharest. This platform contains new and interesting information such research projects, interviews with teachers of the University of Bucharest, awards and distinctions, publications from interdisciplinary fields, innovations concerning education student driven. TOPUB guests reflect the diverse culture of the University of Bucharest, through the initiatives that keep a very high level of research.

site AdmitereAdmitere.unibuc.ro (www.admitere.unibuc.ro) contains complete and actual information about the admission at the University of Bucharest. Conceived to answer to all publics’ needs, this website has an original design and structures on 7 navigation options. 








Last updated at: October 18, 2013.