Young people are constantly faced with truly important decisions, whose influence reverberates throughout their careers. Choosing a university is one of these decisions.Why would someone opt for the University of Bucharest? One might choose it due to the wish to train in a competitive environment, to be in touch with the world’s universities, to build a solid base for one’s professional training or to gain access to important positions in Romanian society − in short to obtain a true education. Over time, the academic community at the University of  Bucharest has actively sought to ensure excellent higher education, to provide high-quality educational services and to maintain its research activity at the highest international standards − all these things making the University of Bucharest stand out as one of the most important educational, research and cultural institutions in Romania.
At the University of Bucharest, there is a competitive environment, if we consider the more than 30.000 candidates fighting for the 8.500 subsidised places. There are over 28 fields of study leading to the Bachelor’s Degree, with a total of nearly 109 majors. The degree granted by the University of Bucharest after final examinations is recognised all over the world and recommends graduates as being thoroughly trained in the field of study of their choice. The Bachelor’s Degree may be followed by a Master’s, characterized by in-depth study, undertaken in a critical spirit, and leading to openings in research or leadership in various organizations. Master’s studies may be either vocational or academic. Doctoral and postdoctoral studies benefit from significant financing. Participation in mobility periods and conferences is encouraged, offering opportunities to young researchers, who thus align the Romanian higher education with European trends. 
The doctoral schools’ criteria are demanding and Ph.D. students enjoy exceptional conditions for their research, which lead to a high  percentage of successful theses. Researchers who have been trained at the University of Bucharest have a good reputation throughout the world. The international relations of the University of Bucharest are based, primarily, on 330 Erasmus agreements, thanks to which 286 students have gone to study abroad for one or two semesters, while 131 have come here, during the academic year 2012−2013. Moreover, around 200 bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign universities result in conferences, lectures held by invited professors, research courses and joint supervision agreements. The University of Bucharest has granted the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to important international figures. Exceptional intellectuals and friends of Romanian culture have been proud to become members of our academic community: Rolf-Dieter Heuer, General Manager of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN); Jean Delumeau, the greatest French historian of Christianity; Saul Kripke, a genius in logic; Amos Oz, the most beloved and famous contemporary Israeli writer; Hélène Carrère D’Encausse, Permanent Secretary of the French Academy; Philip Kotler, the father of contemporary marketing − to name just a few.
The University of Bucharest provides a serious, solid education. An exciting tempo of life is created at the University by such things as its laboratories equipped in line with international standards, a large number of research centres, magazines, student debating societies, foreign  lecteurs, events organized by the Students’ Association and the Information and Orientation Centre, exhibitions and concerts. We are lucky that there is still time for tennis, basketball, football, body-building, aerobics and sports dance, which are practised in the sports halls and playing fields of the University of Bucharest. I wish all young people who choose the University of Bucharest the enjoyment of enthusiastic college years, full of hopes and ambitions!
Prof. dr. Mircea Dumitru
Rector, The University of Bucharest








Last updated at: October 18, 2013.