Ars Docendi Press

Ars Docendi Press was founded in the summer of 1998, as a distinct part of the Pilot Centre for Informatic Technologies within the University of Bucharest; it became an independent publishing house operating in the same institution in 2006.

Ars Docendi Press has published over 500 books up to now, as well as multiple materials concerning various national and international scientific events and also a series of institutional guides for the University of Bucharest and some of the faculties within the latter (such as The Faculty of Political Sciences, The Faculty of Physics), edited under the UE approved standards for the ECTS documentation. The publishing house has also distinguished itself due to publication of several bibliophile volumes (such as Irina Nicolau, Le Pied chaussé and Haide, bre! Incursiune subiectivă în lumea aromânilor).

Ars Docendi Press offers word-processing and layout services and has its own printing house; the quality of the content of the edited works is reinforced by that of the print. The main directions of the editorial policy are:

  • supporting research through the prompt publication of scientific studies;
  • supporting the modernization of courses through the prompt publication of the new courses, at medium circulation and accessible prices;
  • encouraging cultural projects by publishing books with a limited target-audience;
  • supporting the academic programmes, student publications and the entrepreneurial concept of  university development.;
  • promoting the e-publishing concept;
  • the development of the international cooperation projects concerning the production of educational materials.

Ars Docendi Press is highly appreciated by the institutions with which it has collaborated: the Romanian Presidency , the National Commission for UNESCO, the SAVE THE CHILDREN organization, the TEMPUS National Office , the Press Monitoring Agency- Catavencu, The SOCRATES National Agency, the Italian Institute of Bucharest etc.. Among the authors who have published their works here, one could find professionals from the University of Bucharest and other Romanian higher education institutions,  professionals from the Romanian Peasant Museum, École Nationale Superieure de Chimie (Montepellier, France), Université de Marseille (France) or Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (France).

The activity of Ars Docendi Press was rewarded with the ‘Diploma pentru Merite Editoriale Deosebite’(Diploma for Remarcable Editorial Merrits) at the International Book Salon held in Oradea in 1999 and the Golden Medal at The International Forum for Cartophily Carto 2000; the publishing house received „Premiul Special al Asociaţiei Editorilor din România”(the Special Award of the Romanian Editors’Association) at the International Book Fare Bookarest 2003  for the volume „Arca lui Noe. De la Neolitic la Coca-Cola” elaborated by the specialiasts from The Romanian Peasant Museum coordinated by Irina Nicolau.








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