The Ecological Research and Didactic Resort in Sinaia


Harmoniously integrated in the inspiring atmosphere of the Bucegi Mountains, the Zoological Resort in Sinaia was at first designed as a research center, focused on discovering and understanding Romania’s specific biodiversity, along with its flora and fauna. A reorganization of the respective unit was planned starting with 1994, aiming to transform it into a place for relaxation and debates on research problems, in order to combine work with pleasure, thus offering the possibility to design inter and trans-disciplinary research plans, and to take part in sports activities in the resort.

The sustained work over the past 12 years has resulted in a building with elegant conference halls, ideal for short-term training programmes, workshops, teambuilding programmes, symposiums, gatherings, scientific and didactic practice, summer and winter schools, meetings on scientific, research, scientific-ecological themes, scientific communications sessions, Tempus programmes.


The location chosen for the resort is an ideal one due to its geographical position: 840 meters high, in the residential district Cumpatul, which is an exclusivist area, on the west side of the Baiului Garbova Mountains, in the east of the well-known Sinaia resort. The close distance to Bucharest (125 km) makes it an easily accessible resort by all transportation means.


The activities taking place at the Sinaia Zoological Resort can be carried out in the three buildings:

  • The Conference center
  • The Sinaia Zoological Resort
  • The students’ building

The Conference center – a modern building inaugurated in 2007, with a conference room which seats 50 people, equipped with PCs, an updated audio-video system, video projector, microphone, 16 comfort 1 double rooms; the stove heating system was replaced by central heating. The center also has a modern restaurant with all the necessary extensions, a fully equipped, furbished, safe and sanitary kitchen being currently set up. The restaurant is a place for gatherings and discussions, either formal or informal.

TECHNOLOGICAL AMENITIES: computers and printers, TV sets, fridge and freezer in each room, copy machine, stereo-microscope, video camera, unlimited internet access, two automobiles.

The Sinaia Zoological Resort – offers 13 rooms for teachers, researchers and scientists who come here regularly. After extending the resort, a conference room seating 25 persons was built together with a terrace, which is used as a second conference hall and is placed towards the exterior of the building. The latter has a vitrified wall which exceeds12 meters. Besides the two conference halls, there are also two laboratories equipped with the necessary facilities for biological research. The library, used as a research room, comprises an impressive number of volumes, 5,000. Some of them are especially valuable from a material and patrimonial point of view. The Resort received in 1938 an impressive collection of birds, which has been preserved up to the present moment. These are only few of the privileges offered by the location, which has been preserved with great care since 1922, although it was subsequently renovated and expanded, in 1997.

The students’ building – was added to the Resort in 1927; it was renovated and redesigned in 2000 in the following manner: out of the initial four rooms, there were created nine dwelling rooms for students, newly furbished. Despite reducing the available vacancies from 40 to 22, this resulted in a higher comfort level (comfort 3) with modern sanitary facilities, TV sets, internet access.

CONTACT DATA: Sinaia, code 106100, Cumpătu Str. No. 5, the county of Prahova, Romania. Telephone numbers: 034401991, 0244311422, 0744355776, 0788380920, 0766705283.

For booking, call two months prior to the event.


Last updated at: March 16, 2011.