Faculty of Law

MA in Professional European and International Business Law (taught in French) 

Courses: European Law of Companies; Foreign trade and International Investments; Fundamental Rights and Business Law; Instruments and financial markets; International Banking Law; Distribution Law; Communitarian Law of Intellectual Property; Communitarian Legal Law; Communitarian Policies; Management of European Projects; Contractual Technical.

Admission Methodology: The selection of candidates for the MA studies is made by an admission examination which consists in taking one exam for both of the examination disciplines.

As of the 2009-2010 school year, the examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions. In order to be included in the MA programme students must have a university degree confirming graduation from the first cycle of higher education as well as undertake an admission examination followed by registration. The MA studies unfold according to an MA studies contract which contains the Parties' rights and obligations according to the insurance requests of the   quality, concluded between the MA student and the University. 

The MA studies are finalized by presenting one’s dissertation in front of an examination board. The dissertation paper must certify the cognitive and professional competences, corresponding to the mentioned university qualification. The subject of the dissertation is chosen by the MA student in collaboration with their coordinating professor, and must be approved by the Head of Faculty.

For further information, contact MA Coordinator: PhD Prof. Simina Tănăsescu,








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