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Air-Environment Risks and Health ResponseThe English-taught Master programme in Air-Environment Risks and Health Response offered by the Faculty of Geography, the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Biology and the Technologies Department at the University of Bucharest is the only such training programme in Romania providing graduates with the scientific, technical and managerial knowledge and skills needed to address contemporary and emerging issues concerning the impact of various factors and characteristics of the aerial environment upon individual and collective human health. The study plan is highly interdisciplinary in nature, providing a unifying approach with respect to the driving forces behind environmental problems, as well as the effects on human health and well-being following exposure to inappropriate air conditions. Therefore, special attention is being given both to the formation and development of practical abilities in the field of environmental health, and to the improvement of research abilities where areas of specialization such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Meteorology and Climatology, Air Pollution, Epidemiology, Risk Assessment and Environmental Management are concerned. Teaching in the Air-Environment Risks and Health Response programme is supported by a large and diversified research portfolio with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Students benefit from counselling in order to create a professional profile meant to satisfy both academic and personal requirements, while graduates of this programme are likely to be employed by companies, agencies, academic, scientific and commercial institutions, either local, national or international, public or private. Listed are just a few of the job titles: Environmental Protection Professionals, Conservation Scientist, Environmental Adviser, Environmental Auditor, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Research Scientist, Environmental Scientist, Safety, Health and Quality Inspectors, Environmental remediation specialist, Air Pollution Analyst, University and Higher Education Teachers, Research Manager.

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