Physical Sciences

Faculty of Chemistry: 

Advanced Materials Chemistry: The Master of „Advanced materials chemistry", is a necessary programmme due to the increasing development prospects on synthesis and full physico-chemical characterization of materials with special properties used in the top branches of science and technology. Materials science and engineering, micro and nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field of applied research that requires the participation of specialists from highly diverse areas, such as fundamental sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics; engineering (electronics, communications, automation, Computer, electro-techniques, chemistry, mechanics metallurgy, aviation) and medicine.

The Chemistry Department of University of Bucharest has outstanding specialists in this field, with national and international recognised reputation.The laboratories are also well-equipped with most performant devices which can provide good training for research students who wish to pursue this master programme. The course problematics and applied work are connected to complex issues related to synthesis and characterization of materials such as polymers, materials with liquid crystal properties, polynuclear complexes, catalytic materials, nanomaterials, etc.

Experiences of previous years prove the fact that this master prepares graduates greatly  demanded on the labor market. Graduates of this programme are offered career opportunities in top fields of scientific research in the fields of chemistry, optoelectronic materials, leather, biology, medicine, pharmacy.

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Faculty of Physics

The interaction of radiation with matterMA programme focused on research, it offers the possibility of young researchers to develop the expertise in fields as Physics, Medical Physics, Biophysics, Informatical Physics and Technological Physics. The programme has a very strong experimental component, through the involvement of MA students in international research projects, thanks to the continouos collaboration between the Faculty of Physics and renown research institutions (CERN, AUGER, LAGUNA, LAGUNA-LBNO). 

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