Physical Geography


The Physical Geography course introduces first year students a synthesis of the Earth and its place in the solar system, in fact a synthesis of geography, as the science with the largest study subject, a science of correlations and of interdependencies. The objective of the course is to identify together with the geography students the uniqueness of the terrestrial environment (as a study subject of geography as a science), from the perspective of integration of our planet in its existence environment, the solar system. A major sub-objective is the understanding of architectural structure and functioning mechanisms of geosystems in their interrelation with socio-human systems.

Practical studies aim to familiarize students with the methodology of geography studies, for winning the gradual independence of thought, the habit of a cohesive geographical expression and understanding global interdependence on terrestrial phenomena. The geography student will learn the mechanisms of interdependence of terrestrial phenomena from local to global. A major aspect is to understand the importance of a particular environmental element, depending on the scale of analysis.







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