Chemical Sensors and Biosensors



Topics of the course:

  • Introduction. Definition of chemical sensor and biosensor. A historical perspective.
  • Physico-chemical and biological transducers. Terminology and working vocabulary.
  • Performance factors of sensors: selectivity, dynamic range, sensitivity, detection limit, reproducibility, response time, shelf lifetime and operation lifetime;
  • Material used in sensors and biosensors;
  • Surface modification of transducers;
  • Catalytic biosensors;
  • Immunosensors;
  • Enhancement of the biosensors response using nanomaterials;
  • Application of chemical sensors and biosensors : medicine, production control and quality assay in food industry, biotechnological processes control, environmental monitoring, defence and security, forensic analysis, sport medicine, scientific investigations. Problems and limitations.
  • Commercialization.






Last updated at: March 12, 2013.