Prof. Dr. Habil. Anisoara Cimpean 

Main scientific domains: Cell cultures, Biomaterials and biocompatibility, Tissue engineering, Stem cells and regenerative medicine, Clinical biochemistry, Cell biology

Habilitation thesis: Developing strategies for in vitro biocompatibility assessment of novel biomaterials  Fisier de tip .pdf ! Habilitation Abstract_Cimpean

Books, Monographies and Courses

1. Cimpean A, Ion R, Ciofrangeanu C, Mitran V, Galateanu B, Iordachescu D, Practical guide for in vitro evaluation of dental implant biocompatibility, 2008, Editura Ars Docendi, ISBN: 978-973-558-364-4 (in romanian language).

2. Gavrila M., Cimpean A., Method of isolation and culture of human mesenchymal stem cells, 2007, Editura Curtea Veche, ISBN 978-973-9467-92-6 (in romanian language).

3. Cimpean A, 2006, Animal Cell Cultures, Editura Ars Docendi, ISBN-10 973-558-274-0; ISBN-13 978-973-558-274-6 (in romanian language).

4. Iordachescu D., Cimpean A., Stan C., 2004, Extracellular matrix remodeling. Applications in tissue engineering, Editura Pro-Transilvania, ISBN 973-715-024-4 (in romanian language).

Book chapters

1. Cimpean, A., Ion, R., Gordin D.-M., Neacsu, P., Mitran, V., Gloriant, T., 2013, Biomaterials as modulators of macrophage inflammatory response, Biomaterials (vol. 11) in: N.K. Navani, S. Sinha (Eds.), J.N. Govil (Executive Ed.), Nanotechnology series, Studium Press LLC (USA), p. 139-176, ISBN: 1-62699-000-X.

2. Dimonie D, Petrache M, Doncea S, Gabor R, Vasile E, Cimpean A, Fierascu RC, Cristian N, Dinescu S, Trandafir I, Anton L, Fierascu I, Galateanu B. 2013. New approaches to develop 3D layer shaped scaffolds for soft tissue engineering, in: Advanced biocompatible structures for prospective bioengineering: Concepts and strategies, The Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, p. 74-124, ISBN: 978-973-27-2317-3.

Papers published in ISI indexed journals (selective)

Neacsu P, Staras AI, Voicu SI, Ionascu I, Soare T, Uzun S, Cojocaru VD, Pandele AM, Croitoru SM, Miculescu F, Cotrut CM, Dan I, Cimpean A. Characterization and In vitro and In vivo Assessment of a Novel Cellulose Acetate-coated Mg-based Alloy for Orthopaedic Applications, Materials, 2017, 10 (7), 686 (2017)

Voicu SI, Condruz RM, Mitran V, Cimpean A, Miculescu F, Andronescu C, Miculescu M, Thakur VK. Sericin Covalent Immobilization onto Cellulose Acetate Membrane for Potential Osseointegration Applications. ACS Sustainable Chem Eng, 4, 1765-1774 (2016).

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Rusen L, Neacsu P, Cimpean A, Ion V, Brajnicova S, Dumitrescu LN, Banita J, Dinca V, Dinescu M. In vitro evaluation of poly(ethyleneglycol)-block-poly(e-caprolactone) methyl ether copolymer coating effects on cells adhesion and proliferation. Appl Surf Sci, 374, 23-30 (2016).

Ion R, Stoian AB, Dumitriu C, Grigorescu S, Mazare A, Cimpean A, Demetrescu I, Schmuki P. Nanochannels formed on TiZr alloy improve biological response. Acta Biomater, 24, 270-377 (2015).

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Drob SI, Vasilescu C, Calderon Moreno JM, Osiceanu P, Neacsu P, Cimpean A, Gordin DM, Gloriant T. Multifunctional "gum metal" titanium-based alloy: Its long-term electrochemical behaviour and macrophage response. Int J Electrochem Sci, 10, 10738-10755 (2015).

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Neacsu P, Ion RN, Mitran V, Staras AI, Cimpean A. State of the art and recent patents on Mg-based biodegradable bone implants. Rec. Pat. Regen. Med., Vol. 4, Nr. 3, 168-188 (2015). DOI: 10.2174/2210296505666150205155811

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Ion R, Vasilescu C, Drob P, Vasilescu E, Cimpean A, Drob I, Gordin DM, Gloriant T. Long-term corrosion performances and cytocompatibility of nitrided Ti and Ti–6Al–4V alloy in severe functional conditions, Mater Corros, 65, 593-604 (2014).

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