Advanced dental implants from a high biocompatible beta Ti alloy with functionalized surface

Project responsible:
Prof. Dr. Anisoara Cimpean
Phone number: 021.318.15.75/int 106
Fax : 021.318.15.75/int 102


1. MUGAPE S.L. / Spain – Project coordinator

2. R&D Consulting and Services / Romania – Partner 2

3. Tehnomed Impex Co / Romania – Partner 3

4. University of Bucharest / Romania – Partner 4

Contracting authority: UEFISCDI

Duration: 18 luni

Project budget: 196.650,00 RON


Project code: ERANET-MANUNET II-BioTiDent (3)

Research team members: Fisier de tip .pdf ! Manunet-31-2017 team 

Project summary:

The objective of the project “Advanced dental implants from a high biocompatible beta Ti alloy with functionalized surface” is to design an innovative dental implant based on a new superelastic beta Ti alloy with superior mechanical properties. Besides, these implants can be endowed with bioactive and antibacterial properties by their surface functionalization with multifunctional coatings consisting of oxides doped with Ca, P and antibacterial agents, by using plasma electrolytic oxidation technology. These biocompatible coatings will also provide the implants with better corrosion and wear resistance due to their excellent protective properties. As a result of the project, it is envisaged the obtaining of a more resistant dental implant in terms of mechanical, corrosion and tribological properties, exhibiting better osseointegration and antibacterial features, which will result in an improved quality of life for the patients.

The main objective:

To develop advanced dental implants based on a highly-biocompatible new superelastic beta Ti alloy exhibiting a modified surface by coating with oxide films by using Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) technology and dopped with bioactive and antibacterial agents for a better osseointegration and prevention of implant-related infections.

The specific objectives:

1. Development of a novel superelastic beta Ti alloy and of the technologies for its synthesis and thermo-mechanical processing.

2. Design of a new Ti-based implant and establishing its manufacturing technologies.

3. Development of the technologies for the synthesis of bioactive and antibacterial implant surface coatings.

4. Assessment of in vitro biological performance of the developed biomaterials. 

Expected results:

-Novel products (new beta-Ti bioalloy with biological and mechanical compatibility; a novel advanced implant with bioactive and antibacterial coatings for better osseointegration and prevention of implant-related infections);

-Participation at 2 conferences;

-1 paper submitted.




Last updated at: November 28, 2017.