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Scientific fields of interests:

  •  Biotechnology of contractile subcellular systems:

- Kinetic studies of molecular motors (myosin class II, actin-myosin complex);

- Characterization of the micromechanical properties of cellular and subcellular contractile systems isolated from different genetically controlled models: engineered heart tissues (EHT), cardiomyocytes differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells);

- Kinetic studies of myofibrils isolated from different native (rabbit, guinea-pig, human) or genetically modified organisms (GMO: mice, zebrafish, flies);

- Micromechanical analysis of the low sinusoidal perturbation applied to skeletal and cardiac myofibrils.


  • Biophysics, Physiology and Pathophysiology of striated contractile systems:

- Functional characterization of cardiac muscles containing cardiomyopathy associated mutations in sarcomeric proteins;

- Functional and biochemical investigations of myofibrils isolated from the right ventricle of the myocardium of the patients with the Tetralogy of Fallot;

- Functional role of the Z-disc in mechanotransduction and in myofibrillogenesis.









Address: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Physical Chemistry
Tel: +40 213 143 508 / ext. 2163
Fax: +40 213 159 249

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Physical chemistry.

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Faculty of Chemistry.

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