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PhD from the University of Bucharest (1975)

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Professor of Literature and American Studies, Rodica Mihaila is Director of the Undergraduate and Graduate American Studies Programs at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest and Director and founder of the Center for American Studies at the University of Bucharest.  

Her teaching and research interests include American literature and culture, with special emphasis on the 20th century and the contemporary period, 20th century poetry and poetics, Modernism/Postmodernism: continuities and discontinuities; American Studies theory and practice, cultural theory, the methodology of cultural studies; cultural globalization and transatlantic cultural relations. She has offered courses and seminars at the undergraduate and graduate levels in all the fields of interest mentioned above and she has also given invited lectures and talks at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, M.I.T., Georgetown University, Duke University, where she was also visiting professor, Arizona State University, Phoenix and Kennesaw University, Georgia. She has received research awards from the Fulbright Programs, the Rockefeller Foundation, the ACLS, IREX, USIA and the Free University of Berlin and has been affiliated with the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Duke University, Georgetown University, MIT, Harvard University and Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Berlin. She has directed PhD dissertations since 1995.

Her publications include Aspects of American Literary Modernism. A Study of Tensions in the Poetry of Hart Crane (1985), The American Challenge (1993), Turning the Wheel. The Construction of Power Relations in Contemporary American Women’s Poetry (1995),  Spaces of the Real in American Fiction (2000), several anthologies of American literature as well as articles and studies in scholarly journals and the literary press. She is co-editor of a series of volumes of literary and cultural studies, among which, The Sense of America. Histories into Text (2009), Transatlantic Dialogues: Eastern Europe, the U.S. and Post-Cold War Cultural Spaces (2009) and Romanian Culture in the Global Age (2010), and she is also a well-known translator of English and American literature. Apart from being a pioneer of the institutionalization of American Studies in Romania, Rodica Mihaila was founding Secretary of the Romanian Society for English and American Studies and she is Founding President of the Romanian Association for American Studies (RAAS).








Address: Strada Pitar Mos 7-13, sector 1, Bucuresti

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