Mihai Mindra

Associate Professor (American Literature and Civilisation) with 
The English Department of the Faculty of Foreign 
Languages and Literatures


Associate Professor of American Literature with the University of Bucharest (Romania), who has been awarded several international and national research and teaching grants; author of numerous studies on American literature, out of which the most recent are: “Narrative Constructs and Border Transgressions in Jewish-American Holocaust Fiction,” in Studies in American Jewish Literature, 28 (2009) and "Delving into the Kernel: Teaching Bernard Malamud in Post-Communist Romania," Imaginaires 14 (2010): 73-92.

Research Interests:

  • American literature
  • Cultural studies
  • Material culture created by / about American and Romanian Jews

Recent Publications: 

  • Delving into the Kernel: Teaching Bernard Malamud in Post-Communist Romania."Imaginaires 14 (2010): 73-92.
  • “Narrative Constructs and Border Transgressions in Jewish-American Holocaust Fiction.” Studies in Jewish American Literature, 28 (2009): 46 - 54.
  • "Inescapable Colonization: Norman Manea’s Eternal Exile." Literature in Exile of East and Central Europe, ed. Agnieszka Gutthy. N.Y.: Peter Lang, 2009: 193-210.

Research Projects:

  • October 2011 – August 2011: International Fellowship in Jewish Studies and Jewish Culture, The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, http://www.mfjc.org/support/past.html
  • May 2010: Visiting Professor (Erasmus TA), University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 
  • December 2009: American Jewish Society Eastern European Scholar Grant ("Strategies of Assimilation and Dissimilation in Interwar Jewish-Rom­anian Literature").
  • Oct. 2007 – Sept 2010: “Cultures of Diasporas: The Margin and the Mainstream in Jewish-Romanian and Jewish-American Literatures” (financed by the National University Research Council), University of Bucharest.
  • 15.08.03- 30.9.03: Jewish American Research Grant, John F. Kennedy Institute or North American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin.
  • 1.08.01-1.05.02: Postdoctoral Fulbright Scholar, Brandeis University, U.S.A. (Jewish American Culture)



Address: Pitar Mos, 7-11, Sector 1, Bucuresti
Tel: +4021 413 61 12
MOB: +40724 826 136
Email: mihai.mindra@gmail.com; mihai.mindra@g.unibuc.ro
WWW: unibuc.academia.edu

member of:
English Language and Literature.

department of:
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures.



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