Localizing the User Interface

The paper was recently published in Romanoslavica (2011), and analyzes a hot problem: localizing (= translating in Romanian) the user interface of various operating systems (OS’s—Mac OS, Linux, Windows) and accompanying applications. There are important issues related to terminology and internal coherence. Feedback is welcome.

Download (in Romanian).



Other Studies and Papers

This page includes studies and paper published over the last years, but not yet included in a volume of studies. Older studies, contributions and papers (1986 through 2005) may be downloaded from here. (studies and papers in English, Romanian and French). 

Some studies extend older topics, others represent new topics of analysis.

*Manu tuitus: mântuit = saved by His hand

The paper suggests a completely new interpretation of the essential Christian term a mântui ‘to redeem, to save from sin’, Mântuitor ‘the Saviour (+ Jesus)’, as a creation in postclassical Latin (*manu tuitus), not a borrowing from Hungarian. 

Lithuanian Mythological Lexicon

Lexicon of Thracian Sacred Terms

The Lithuanian Mythological Lexicon (in Romanian) was initially written as an addendum to the translation of the reference book of Algirdas Julien Greimas About Gods and Mortals (Despre zei și despre oameni, 1997, out of print). The text was later revised and published as an independent study to be used in comparative and mythological studies in general.

It may be usefully read together with the Lexicon of Thracian Sacred Terms (in English).

Are There Indigenous Personal-Names in Romanian?

Linguistic Notes on an Anthroponymical List

The study resumes an older discussion and analysis regarding the preservation of some indigenous personal-names in the modern languages of southeast Europe (Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian). The paper starts from a list published by Dan Dana referring to Thracian personal names. See also the chapter in Romance and Pre-Romance Influences in South Slavic (in Romanian: Influențe romane și preromane în limbile slave de sud) where the same issue has been discussed in a larger context. 

Is There a Velar Spirant (Laryngeal) in Proto-Romanian? 

The study has remained unpublished in a journal or volume, the author hesitated a long time on this topic. Facts show that Proto-Romanian witnesses the existence of a specific phoneme, velar spirant or laryngeal, which later developed as f, h, ș, z in Romanian and h, f, th, dh in Albanian. 

Any comment or feedback is welcome.

When can be dated the oldest Slavic borrowings in Romanian?

The topic has been debated and analyzed by many linguists. Here are two versions, one in Romanian, older, and one quite recent, dated September 2011, at the Etymological Symposium in Brno (Etymologické symposion).

Download Romanian version (older).

Download English (newer, updated) version.




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