Mythology of the Old Slavs

(Mitologia slavilor)

A brief and compact survey of the essential elements referring to the creeds and beliefs of the Old (Pre-Christian) Slavs. (In Romanian). The books may be ordered from the publisher, Editura Meteorpress.


Mythology of the Thracians

(Mitologia tracilor)

The book is similar to the Mythology of the Old Slavs (see above): a brief, compact presentation of the Thracians beliefs. The books may be ordered from the publisher  Editura Meteor Press.


On Macintosh and Mac OS X

(Despre Macintosh și sistemul de operare Mac OS X)

This is the first and, for the time being, the only book dedicated to macs and Mac OS X in Romanian. The first edition was dedicated to older Mac OS X systems, whereas the second edition is dedicated to Snow Leopard. The books may be ordered from the publisher  Editura Meteorpress.

mac os x

Published Volumes

Morphology of the Czech Language, vol. I

(Morfologia limbii cehe, vol. I)

(2010, Editura Universității București / University of Bucharest Publishers)


The Czech Language for Advanced Students. Texts, Comments, Grammar

(Limba cehă pentru avansați. Texte, comentarii, gramatică)

(Editura Universității București, 2010 / University of Bucharest Publishers

czech-for-advanced students


Linguistics and archaeology of the Early Slavs

Another View from the Lower Danube

(Lingvistica și arheologia slavilor timpurii. O altă vedere de la Dunărea de Jos)

This is the first interdisciplinary (linguistic-archaeological) analysis of the early Slavs, 6th to 9th centuries A.D. The books may be ordered from the publisher Cetatea de Scaun.


Introduction to the Comparative Study of the Slavic Language

(original title: Introducere în studiul comparativ al limbilor slave)

book cover

Romance and Pre-Romance Influences in South Slavic

(Original title: Influențe romane și preromane în limbile slave de sud)

book cover




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