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Jiří Menzel in Bucharest

Studio Movie Hall housed a retro of best Menzel’s films (May 16–19). Jiří Menzel is one of the best known film directors. On Monday, May 16 the Czech film director was invited to express some thoughts for the Romanian audience. The gala opened Postřiziny, which may be translated as „scenes of life” or „cut‑offs”),. Menzel autographed on the booklets related to the event. The guests tasted the wonderful Czech beer—to note that the story of the film takes place in a brewery, of course! 

The picture below shows Menzel autographing on our booklet. 







Societas Romano-Bohemica

On October 14, 2010 Societas Romano-Bohemica (SRB) got its legal authorisation to be active in the filed of promoting the relations between Romania and the Czech Republic in the filed of culture, translations, conferences referring to various social and cultural aspects etc. During the autumn of 2011 we do hope to begin publishing the yearly journal Romano-Bohemica, called to gather together relevant studies and other contributions. 

The founders are (in the order of the registration documents):  Sorin Paliga, Anca Irina Ionescu, Helliana Milada Denira Ianculescu, Ionuț Alin Catrina, Livia Gabriela Marin, Gabriela Georgescu. Later, other active members were included in the list: Dagmar Maria Anoca, Miruna Priboianu, Alina Nicoleta Pascu, Maria Alina Ionescu, Victorița Alina Negroiu, Alena Gecse, Desideriu Gecse, Hana Herrmannová. All those ready to contribute are wlecome. 

A Relevant Meeting in the Cabinet of Czech Language

On Thursday, February 17, 2011 MP Adrian Miroslav Merka, chairman of the Democratic Union of the Slovaks and Czechs in Romania (Uniunea Democrată a Slovacilor și Cehilor din România—UDSCR) visited the cabinet of Czech language and literature, which is also the siege of Societas Romano-Bohemica. On this occasion we reviewed our recent activity and talked about future plans, referring mainly to publishing reference books—dictionaries, anthologies, translations and various studies and papers on the relations between Czechs and Romanians. 



An Evening Dedicated to the Romantic Poet  Karel Hynek Mácha

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, České centrum in Bucharest housed a meeting dedicated to the most important Romantic Czech poet. The paper wzs prepared by Anca Irina Ionescu, PhD, specialist in Czech literature. The film May (Máj), based on the poem written by Mácha, concluded the evening.








Meetings in 2010

Even before being officially registered, SRB organized several cultural meetings, the goal of which was to promote the life and activity of various Czech personalities. Thus:

The lecture hall—Sala de lectură - Ceainăria ACT, Calea Victoriei nr. 126: Love Romania in the Czech Language (Iubește România pe limba cehă). Dedicated to the literary activity of Mirek (Bohumír) Trčka, an engineer who settled in Romania in 1960, where he worked with Energomontaj company. Trčka translated from Romanian, his favourite poet being  Ion Minulescu. Sorin Paliga and the (then) students Alina Negroiu and Gabriela Georgescu read some fragments of his literary works.


Evening dedicated to Vladimír Holan

On October 26, 2010, the České centrum housed an evening dedicated to the life and creation of the great poet Vladimír Holan. Sorin Paliga (translator) and some students read fragments from one of his great poems Toscana (Toskána)holan-poster.






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