Day dedicated to Václav Havel

On Wednesday October 5, 2011, the Embassy of the Czech Republic to Bucharest, the Czech Centre and Societas Romano-Bohemica organizes the anniversary of Václav Havel, born obn October 5, 1936 in Prague in a rich family. 

SRB, the students in Bohemistics and representatives of the cultural and political life will evoke the personality of Václav Havel. The event will be duly reflected in the program of the Czech Centre as well. 

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Symposium dedicated to the verbal aspect in the Slavic languages

4-7 October 2012

Starting from various discussions regarding the verbal aspect in the Slavic languages, organized by the Department of Slavic Languages at the University of Bucharest during the spring of 2011, Societas Romano-Bohemica wishes to extend the horizon of discussions by organizing a symposium. Professors and researchers in the field of Slavic aspectology are kindly invited.

The symposium is scheduled between 4–7 October 2012 under the motto

Bene docet qui bene distinguit

Details in English.

Details in Romanian.

Details in Russian.

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Please send your abstracts by April 30, 2012.

Preliminary Studies

Participants may find here some older or interim studies / sketches, which offer topics of debates. Participants are asked to send such texts, allowing potential participants to know their views.

Sorin Paliga (1994). Devenir et aspectualisation. encore une fois sur le verbe slave (in French). The paper may be downloaded here, pp. 331–344. References are at the end of the volume.

Vittorio Tomelleri (2010). Slavic-Style aspect in the Caucasus. Suvremena Lingvistika 69.

Aniko Csirmaz. A set of PDF files, which deal with various problems of aspect in Hungarian and other languages (cross-linguistic analyses).

Please send you interim studies / sketches if you consider them useful for debates. They will be posted here.







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