Lexicon Proto-Borealicum et alia lexica etymologica minora

The main work is the final form (2007) of the paper presented at the International Congress of Slavists, Ljubljana, august 2003. The focus is on the activity of Russian linguist Nikolaj Dmitrievič Andreev and his Proto-Boreal theory, which aims at identifying common elements in the Indo-European, Uralic and Altaic languages. The topic is also approached by other linguists, but Andreev succeeds, more than others, in analysing 203 basic roots. 

Other works in the volume refer to: the velar spirant in Proto-Romanian, 100 basic Slavic roots and a glossary of Lithuanian mythological terms. .

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Romance and Pre-Romance Influences in South Slavic

(Influențe romane și preromane în limbile slave de sud)

Also available in printed form. (in Romanian)

The book analyses the relevat Romance and Pre-Romance influences (mainly Thracian and Illyrian) in South Slavic area: Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian-Croatian, Slovene. 

This is the 2nd revised edition (2006). (First edition: 1996, Lucretius Publishers).



Etymologica et Anthropologica Maiora

The volume  (published in 2007) includes most relevant studies scattered in various scientific journals in Romania and abroad ((Slovenia, Bulgaria, UK, U.S.) from 1986 to 2004. The topics mainly refer to etymology: substratum languages (Indo-European and Pre-Indo-European), Romanian-Slavic relations, general linguistics, deciphering Neolithic symbols etc. The studies are in English, Romanian and French.



Etymological Lexicon of the Indigenous (Thracian) Elements in Romanian

The work (completed and published in 2006) presents for the first time the corpus of the certain, probable or possible indigenous (substratum) elements in Romanian. It is the first such ample attempt in Romania. To note that linguist Thracology has practically disappeared as a fspecific field of investigation or research. (in English, with a rich addendum).

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