Technological Processes and Environment Protection

Course objectives: The „Technological Processes and Environmental Protection” course is addressed to the students from the Faculty of Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry specialization, 2nd year of study. The course has as main objectives the study of several unit operations in chemical technology and of some chemical processes in inorganic technology, oil processing and organic technology. The students are accustomed  with the principles of chemical processes and with modern methods used for minimizing the pollutant emissions from each studied process.

Competences derived from the passing of the course: By attending this course, the students get an image about the complexity of the chemical processes, starting with the raw materials, their processing by different unit operations, the chemistry of the transformation in the desired products and the minimization of environmental pollution unwanted effects that may arise from applying the studied processes. The students have to know the main modern methods for pollution removal as a function of the pollutant nature, and the knowledge that is aquired can be applied after graduation, in domains related with environmental chemistry.

Evaluation methods: The students will be evaluated during the semester in two tests, previously announced. After completing the applied activities (laboratory activity) they will be tested in a written test, and at the end of the semester they will have an oral examination. The final grade will be calculated as follows: 70 % the grade from the oral examination, 20 % the grade from the laboratory final test, 10 % the averaged grade from the two semestrial tests.



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