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Book Chapters

  • Moldovan L, Crăciunescu O., Zarnescu O., Popescu M.C., Lungu M., Radu G. L. 2007. Current and future techniques for in vitrobiocompatibility testing of collagen biomaterials for medical use In: Experimental Techniques in Bioanalysis, (G.L. Radu, Ed.), Printech Press, p. 250-279. ISBN: 978-973-718-856-4 (In Romanian)
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Selected articles
  • Craciunescu O., Gaspar A., Trif M., Moisei M., Oancea A., Moldovan L., Zarnescu O. 2014. Preparation and characterization of a collagen-liposome-chondroitin sulfate matrix with potential application for inflammatory disorders treatment. Article ID 903691. Fisier de tip .pdf !  
  • Zarnescu O., Moldovan L., Trif M., Moisei M., Craciunescu O. 2011. Light and electron microscopy characterization of a collagen–liposome-entrapped chondroitin sulfate composite as intra-articular drug delivery system. Journal of Controlled Release, vol. 152, Supplement 1, e113-e114.
  • Zarnescu O. 2009. Tracing the accumulation and effects of mercury uptake in the previtellogenic ovary of crucian carp, Carassius auratus gibelio by autometallography and caspase-3 immunohistochemistry. Histology & Histopathololy, vol. 24, no.2, 141-148.
  • Zarnescu O. 2007. Immunohistochemical distribution of hyperacetylated histone H4 in testis of paddlefish Polyodon spathula: ultrastructural correlation with chromatin condensation. Cell Tissue Research, vol. 328, no. 2, 401-410.
  • Opriţa E.I, Moldovan L., Crăciunescu O., Buzgariu W., Tardei C., Zarnescu O. 2006. A bioactive collagen-b tricalcium phosphate scaffold for tissue engineering. Central European Journal of Biology, vol. 1, no. 1, 61-72.
  • Fukumoto M., Zarnescu O. 2003, Acrosome differentiation and the acrosome reaction in ascidian spermatozoa: Ascidella aspersa and Ascidia mentula with some implications for tunicate phylogeny. Marine Biology, vol. 143, no. 6, 1151-1160.







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