Natural and technological hazards that can produce disasters in Romania. Evaluating the risks and measures of preventing and limiting the impact on the society and the environment

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KEYWORDS: hazard, risk, disaster, environment 


VALUE :1.275.000 lei  

The value’ s repartition on years:

2007 – 110.000 lei;

2008 – 425.000 lei;

2009 – 350.000 lei;

2010 – 390.000 lei.


LENGTH: 36 month


   The project’s general objectives are the following:

  • the inventory of the natural and technological hazards which appear worldwide;
  • the inventory of the catastrophies produced worldwide and their consequences on the society and the environment;
  • deciphering the causes of producing and mechanisms of evolution for the hazards;
  • emphasizing, on different types of hazards, the conditions and the causes of the evolution from the hazards to disasters;
  • the thoroughgoing study of the vulnerability and risk concepts;
  • elaborating measures of preventing the effects of the hazards on the societry and the environment, of avoiding the appearence of disasters;
  • elaborating measures for limitation and removal of the disaster’s impact;
  • creating a data account regarding the hazards and the disasters’impact.

The specific objectives of the project consist of:

  • the inventory of the natural and technological hazards appearing in Romania;
  • the inventory of the natural and technological hazards that happened in Romania;
  • analysing and deducing the types of disasters that are possibly to occur in Romania;
  • deducing the particularities and specific of the Romanian territory as elements that determine the manifestation of certain hazards and the appearence of certain disasters;
  • knowing the vulnerability of the Romanian territory and the the risk of producing disasters;
  • determining the necessary measures for preventing the effects of the hazards on the society and the Romanian territory and also for avoiding the appearence of the disasters;
  • determining the necessary measures for limiting and removing the impact of the disasters that will occur in Romania;
  • elaborating unitary strategies of preventing and centralised monitoring of the hazards, of monitoring and efficient intervention in case of disasters on Romanian territory;
  • creating a data account regarding the hazards and the disasters appeared on national level.


  1. Marinescu Mihai- Project Manager
  2. Ivan Marian
  3. CSIII Mihai Mafteiu
  4. CSIIII ing. Victor Niculescu
  5. CS ing. Mircea Dragos Dena
  6. Lect.dr. Ardeleanu Anca Monica
  7. Ec.Calinescu Oana
  8. Ing. Bugiu Sanda
  9. A.C.Bulearca Ion
  10. T I Matusec Teodor
  11. Stud. Neagu Emilian


  1. CSI dr. ing. Mihaela Lazarescu – Project Executive
  2. CSI dr.  ing. Theodor Ghinda
  3. CSI dr. Ing.Paul Dan
  4. CSIII dr. ing. Carmen Theodora Ardeleanu
  5. CSIII ing. Gina Ghita
  6. CSIII ing. Mihaela Ilie


  1. CSII Raluca-Mihaela Maftei – Economic Executive and Project Executive
  2. CSI dr. Stefan Marincea
  3. CSI ing. Constantin Costea
  4. CSII ing. Emil-Mihail Rusu
  5. CSII dr. ing. Delia-Cristina Papp
  6. CSIII drd. Delia-Georgeta Dumitraş
  7. CSIII ing. Cristina Dumitrică
  8. CSIII ing. Călin Savu
  9. CS ing. Ovidiu-Eugen Avram
  10. Lector drd. Andreea Andra
  11. CS ing. Vasile-Stelian Stănescu
  12. Jurist drd. Lidia-Lenuţa Bălan
  13. Ec. Ileana-Carmen Puiu
  14. Elena Vremăroiu
  15. AC. Roxana-Liliana Ciurean
  16. ing. Ioan-Petru Scutelnicu


Stage I:


1. UN’s outlook over hazards. Evolutions and current trends on approaches.

1.1. UN’s outlook over hazards

1.2. Evolutions and current trends on approaches





3.1. Inventory of natural hazards

3.1.1.Hazards of cosmical nature

   A. Meteorites fall-out

   B. Comets fall-out

   C. The collision between the Sun and some other star

3.1.2.Hazards of geological nature

   A.Hazards in conjunction with internal factors of The Earth

      a. Earthquakes

      b. Eruptions of volcanos

   B. Hazards in conjunction with external factors of The Earth

      a. Side - shifting of some solid masses

          a1. Landslides

          a2. Fall-outs, rollovers and crumblings


      b. Side - shifting of some fluid masses  (muddy torrents)

         b1.Torrents caused by abundant rains

         b2.Torrents caused by the melting of ice caps on the top of volcanos

         b3.Torrents caused by the overflow of some lakes situated in the crater of the volcano

         b4.Other types of torrents


3.1.3.Hazards of hidrometeorological nature

   A. Violent storms

   B. Tornados

   C. Drought

   D. Floods

   E. Extreme temeperatures

   F. Lands on fire

3.1.4.Hazards of biological nature

   A. Outbreaks of infectious diseases and epizooties

   B. Grasshoppers Invasion

   C. Methan Biosphera

3.2. Anthropic Hazards Inventory

3.2.1. Technical and technological accidents

   A. chemical accidents

   B. Hidrtechnical accidents

   C. Nuclear accidents

   D. Other major accidents  

3.2.2.the effects of mining exploitations over sides stability

3.2.3. environment degradation

A. Environment Pollution

   a. Minning industry pollution

    b. Pollution caused by other industries

B. Biodiversity reduction

C. Deforestation and forest’s degradation

D. Climatic changes cused by human activities

E. Agrarian hazards

3.2.4. Wars


4.1.Vulnerability - condition of disaster occuring

4.2. Disasters

4.3. The risk of disaster occuring




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