The Bucharest University Press (Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti)

The Bucharest University Press was created in 1993, taking over the inheritance of the previous publishing house (TUB) which already had an extensive list of titles and excellent experience in the field of academic publishing. The new Press was endowed with more efficient equipment and functioned for a time under the management of a team including a French deputy manager, a specialist in this domain. Obviously the commercial success of university editions cannot compare with that of best-sellers… Nevertheless, many of the products of the University Press have been appreciated at national and international events, or have obtained awards of the Romanian Academy.

Nowadays, the Press publishes some 120 titles per year, equivalent to the output of a medium-sized national publishing house, but its total print run is only 30,000 copies, as its publications are mainly directed at a limited readership of students and specialists.

The University Press offers a number of collections:

  • FUNDAMENTUM – general themes considered to be the foundation of specialist knowledge
  • PHILOLOGICA BUCURESTIENSIA – works of research at a high level, with foreign referees
  • TIMPUL PREZENT – studies of politics and contemporary history.

A collaboration with the Nicolae Iorga programme will facilitate the publication of important translations from French.

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Manager: Alexandru Calmacu
Chief editor: Alexandru Calmacu


Address: Şos. Panduri nr 90-92
Phone: 410 23 84






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