2013  - 2014


The University of Bucharest launches the competition for a number of 4  one year post-doctoral scholarships worth 10.000 euros each.

The annual scholarship ( renewable) is meant to offer material support to highly qualified foreign researchers. The amount is payable in Romanian currency, in 10 monthly installments. The applicants, researchers, will be involved in scientific research projects of the University of Bucharest, under the guidance of a research director, member of the scientific community. The research fields considered are life and natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The pre-selection stage is followed by a public presentation of the selected projects in front of  a board of professors appointed by the  rector. The scholarship will be finalized with a scientific report, accepted by the supervisor.

The results obtained, will be presented  in :

- 2 published papers (or accepted to be published) in an internationally recognized magazine, or

- a scientific study of minimum 50 pages (accepted to be published)

- conference  proceedings.


Announcement of competition: October 30, 2013

Submission of application: November 1 -  November 15 , 2013

Competition between: November 15 – November 25, 2013

Results: November 28, 2013

Start date : December 1, 2013


I. Recommendation letter from an academic of the University of Bucharest

1. The information about the scholarship will be posted on the web site

2.The applicant will be guided by a contact person who informs him/her about the fields and research centers he / she is interested in

3.The candidate will contact the director of the research center and submit a resume of the PhD thesis

4.If the respective professor appreciates the scientific results, he will recommend the candidate for the scholarship, under his coordination.

2. Prepare the application

The file consists of :

-        Download the application form Fisier de tip .pdf ! STUDENT APPLICATION University.of.Bucharest 

-         Resume of the PhD thesis

-         PhD diploma (copy)

-         ID card (copy)

-         Description of the foreseen research project

-         Letter of recommendation from the coordinator

Submission to :

University of Bucharest,

Office for International Relations

Bdul Mihail Kogalniceanu 36 – 46, sector 5,

cod 050107, Bucharest,  Romania



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