English Syntax I

English Syntax. The structure of root clauses

Course outline

This course introduces students to linguistic structure and the analysis of language data with a focus on the syntax of verb phrases in English. It links closely with Concepts in Modern Grammar and The Syntax of Complement Clauses. The theoretical framework is the one provided by generative linguistics.



This course will cover the following topics:

1. The structure of the inflection phrase

2. The structure of the verb phrase

3. Intransitive verbs: unaccusatives vs. unergatives

4. Transitive verbs: double object constructions

5. Passive constructions

6. Middles



Adger, D. 2003. Core Syntax. A Minimalist Approach. Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press.

Avram, L. 2003/2006. English Syntax: The Structure of Root Clauses. Bucharest: Oscar Print.



You are strongly advised to regularly attend class lectures and seminars! Seminar attendance is compulsory.

There will be two written tests:

  • a mid-term test (50%) (week 8 or 9)
  • a final test (50%) (winter exam session)


The students who do not take the mid-term test or fail it will have to take a “big” final exam, which will include questions targeting all the topics .








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