Course outline

Language and Mind investigates the nature of human language from the perspective of biolinguistics. The focus of this elective is to offer a view of language as part of our biological endowment, a state of the computational system of the mind/brain that generates infinitely hierarchically structured expressions which send instructions for interpretation to two modular interfaces: the sensorimotor system (for externalization/SOUND) and the conceptual-intentional system (for thought/MEANING


The course seeks to integrate the scientific study of language with other fields, such as neurobiology, psychology, clinical linguistics, with a view to helping students to better understand the nature of language, as well as the relevance of the study of language to other disciplines. Though the approach is interdisciplinary, priority will be given to linguistic data and analysis.


  • the fundamental features of language
  • the innateness hypothesis
  • brain organization for language
  • the critical period hypothesis
  • language and cognitive development


Grading policy

Regular attendance is strongly recommended.

Grades will be based on:

class attendance & participation = 20%                         

take-home test = 30%

final  exam = 50%

Maximum number of students: 35.

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