MONICA BOTTEZ is professor emeritus of English at the University of Bucharest,  Director of the Canadian Studies Centre of UB and director of the Canadian Studies module of the Intercultural Communication Strategies M.A. programme. Areas of teaching and  research: Victorian literature, the English novel, English Canadian Literature,  multiculturalism, imagology, and narrative theory.  Her most recent include books: Analysing Narrative Fiction: Reading Strategies,E.U.B,2007; Infinite Horizons: Canadian Fiction in English, E.U.B.,2010; Poscoloniaslism/Poctcommunist: Dictionary of Key Cultural Terms, (co-author),EUB, 2013 and such  articles as “British Identities and North American Others”,  University of Bucharest Review,  1/ 2007;“Ronald Lee: Writing the Gypsy Self”, U.B.R., 2/2008;“Robert Kroetsch: Canadian Versions of Postmodern Quests”, Imaginative Spaces: Canada in the European Mind, Europe in the Canadian Mind. Brno: Masaryk University, 2009;“Cyclical Time and Linear Time in Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water”, U.B.R., 1/2009;“Translations of Romanian Culture in Kenneth Radu’s Fiction”, Translation of Cultures, ASNEL Papers 13, eds Petra Rüdiger and Konrad Gross, Amsterdam-New York, 2009; “Inter – Racial Relations in Kenneth Radu’s Flesh and Blood”, Managing Diversity and Social Cohesion: The Canadian Experience, Brno: Masaryk U., 2010;“The Notion of Noble Savage with Frances Brooke, Susanna Moodie and Charles Dickens” Analele Universităţii Bucureşti. Limbi şi Literaturi Străine, 2/2011; “Another Penelope: M. Atwood’s The Penelopiad.” U.B.R, 1/2012;“Critical Multiculturalism in Canada and the United States”, Towards Critical Multiculturalism: Dialogues Between/Among Canadian Diasporas, Katowice: Wydawnictwo Para, 2011;“Romanian Translations from English-Canadian Literature”, Canada in Eight Tongues: Translating Canada in Central Europe, Brno: Brno U.P., 2012; “Absurdism and the Canadian Picture of a Communist Dictator”, Variations on Community: The Canadian Space, CEACS. Brno: Masaryk U., 2013; ”Recuperating Lost Voices: Rudy Wiebe’s ‘Where Is the Voice Coming From?’”, Analele U.B, LLS, 1/2015;“Romanul Divinatorii –capodopera a literaturii canadiene” , Vatra , 6/2016








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