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Prof.univ.dr. Cristian IOJA


Prof. Cristian Ioja is Head of Department Regional Geography and Environment, Professor in the Faculty of Geography at the University of Bucharest and Senior Researcher in Centre for Environmental Research. Cristian Ioja earned his M.S. in Sustainable Management of Water Resources and his PhD in Geography at the University of Bucharest. In 2015 obtain the Habilitation in Environmental Sciences.  He is the president of the Society for Urban Ecology – South Eastern Europe Chapter. The research activities are focused on environmental assessment of different land-uses in urban areas, understanding the relation between built-up and green infrastructure, socio-economic drivers and promotion of urban sustainable planning. His current researches are linked by environmental conflict assessment in natural and human ecosystems, consequences of urbanization on ecosystems services supply, green infrastructure assessments and Natura 2000 sites planning.  More of his research results are transferred at administrative level in Urban Master Plans, Environmental Actions Plans and protected areas management plans, in order to improve the decision makings process and natural ecosystems management. Cristian Iojă was principal investigator of 9 national research grants funded by Romanian National Research Foundation or other public institutions. He has published 9 books and more papers related with environmental planning, urban green infrastructure, land-use changes and biodiversity conservation in Biological Conservation, Ecological Indicators, Applied Geography, Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Landscape and Urban Planning and other international journals.



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Ioja, C., Patroescu, M., Matache, M., Pavelescu, G., Damian, R. (2007), Environmental Impact Assessment of the Vegetable Cultivations using the Pimenetel-Euleistein Model. Case Study Arges Lower Watershed, in Valentin Plesu si Paul Serban Agachi (eds.), Computer Aided Process Engineering, 24, 1247-1252


President of Society of Urban Ecology - Chapter South Eastern Europe (

Romanian Agency of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS)

Member of Scientific Council of Putna-Vrancea Natural Park

Member of Coordination Board of Bucharest Local Environmental Action Plan

Organisers of fieldtrip on European institution to Brussels (2011, 2012, 2014)







Adresa: 1 Bd. Nicolae Balcescu, Sector 5, Bucharest
Tel/Fax: +4 021.310.38.72

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Geografie Regionala si Mediu.

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Facultatea de Geografie.

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