Proiect 29_2013

Project Title

Nanocatalizatori heterogeni cu aplicatii in reactia tandem Sonogashira/lactonizare

Heterogeneous nanocatalysts with application in tandem Sonogashira/lactonisation reaction

Incheiat în cadrul Program PNII-Resurse Umane, Subprogram Programe de cercetare postdoctorala

Autoritatea contractanta: Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii

Contractor: National Institute of Research & Development of Material Physics

Project Manager: Dr. Florentina Neatu

Starting date: 01.05.2013

Project duration: 24 months

Summary project:

Methods for lactone synthesis by transition metal catalysis involving C–O formation developed over the past 50 years have demonstrated much promise. Indeed, lactones have inspired the discovery of new organometallic transformations, design of metal catalysts, and detailed understanding of reaction mechanisms. Issues of waste minimization and stereoselectivity have been addressed. A method for overcoming these drawbacks would involve the use of a heterogeneous catalyst, which possesses some potential advantages that include ease of recovery from the reaction mixture by the simple filtration, reuse and recycling. Several procedures for the heterogeneous-catalyzed Sonogashira reactions have been reported, although the use of CuI, a phosphine ligand, and an amine is required. For this reason our goal is to develop a new pathway to synthesize lactones, in one pot reaction starting from alkynes, in the presence of different heterogeneous metal catalysts. In light of recent developments towards greener chemistry, a copper-, ligand-, base-, and amine-free metal-catalyzed Sonogashira coupling reaction under mild and aqueous reaction conditions would be of major interest for both industrial and academic applications.

Obiectives of the project:

The synthesis of multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts, able to perform the tandem Sonogashira/lactonisation reaction of alkynes with formation of lactones under mild and/or aqueous reaction conditions.

Estimated results:

The present project targets the development and improvement of a series of catalysts able to perform one pot Sonogashira/lactonisation reaction. The project targets also for the deep understanding of the catalytic process, which knowledge will be of a good importance for further developments in the area of γ-lactones synthesis.

Total budget value: 300 000 lei








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