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What is Landscape Ecology ?

(after IALE, www.landscape-ecology)

Lanscape ecology is the study of spatial variation in landscapes at a variety of scales. It includes the biophysical and societal causes and consequences of landscape heterogeneity. Above all, it is broadly interdisciplinary.  The conceptual and theoretical core of landscape ecology links natural sciences with related human disciplines. Landscape ecology can be portrayed by several of its core themes: 

  • the spatial pattern or structure of landscapes, ranging from wilderness to cities, 
  • the relationship between pattern and process in landscapes, 
  • the relationship of human activity to landscape pattern, process and change,
  • the effect of scale and disturbance on the landscape





Professor at the Faculty of Geography and Head of the Transdisciplinary Research Centre Landscape–Territory – Information Systems CeLTIS (ICUB, University of Bucharest). 

The research interests are related to: landscape ecology, ecological modelling, modeling of landscape dynamics, landscape fragmentation, ecosystem/landscape services, landscape planning, land use/land cover change, cultural landscape, landscape visual assessment and Geographic  approaches (nature and society).


  1. Pătru-Stupariu I., Stupariu M.S., Stoicescu I., Peringer A., Buttler A.,Fürst Ch ,. (2017) Integrating geo-biodiversity features in the analysis of landscape patterns, Ecological Indicators 80: 363–375. F.I. 3,89
  2.  Năpăruș-Aljančič M.,Pătru-Stupariu I., Stupariu M-S., (2017) Multiscale wavelet-based analysis to detect hidden geodiversity. Progress in Physical Geography DOI:, F.I 3,75
  3. Peringer, A., Schulze, K. A., Pătru-Stupariu I., M.S.Stupariu, Rosenthal G., Gillet, F. & A. Buttler (2016) Multi-scale feedbacks between tree regeneration traits and herbivore behaviour explain the structure of pasture-woodland mosaics Landscape Ecology 31, 4: 913-927. F.I 3,61
  4. Pătru-Stupariu I.,  Tudor C.A., Stupariu M.S., Buttler A.,  Peringer A. (2015) Landscapes persistence and stakeholders’ perspective . The case of the Romanian Carpathians Applied Geography 69: 87- 98  F.I.  2.779.
  5. Pătru-Stupariu I., Stupariu M.S, Tudor C.A., Grădinaru S.R., Gavrilidis A., Kienast F., Anna M. Hersperger A.M. (2015) Landscape fragmentation in Romania’s Southern Carpathians: testing a European assessment with local data.Landscape and Urban Planning  143: 1-8  F.I. 3.037/3.65.
  6. Pătru-Stupariu I., Angelstam P., Elbakidze M., Huzui A., Andersson K. (2013) Using spatial patterns and forest history to identify potential high conservation value forests in Romania  Biodiversity and Conservation. 22: 2023-2039. F.I. 2,238.

Results of main research topics

Landscapes as a time machine; Analyzing landscape dynamics using multitemporal data sources; Interdisciplinary approaches (landscape ecology, landscape metrics, landscape fragmentation) Landscape visual assessment; Geographic approaches ( nature and society)

Participation in research projects

a) International Projects


  1. SCIEX (WSL, Birmensdorf-Zurich, Switzerland, University of Bucharest) MUSELP - Modelling Urban Sprawl and its Effect on Landscape Pattern. Mentors: Anna Hersperger / Ileana Pătru-Stupariu; PhD student: Simona Grădinaru (2014-2015).
  2. SCIEX (EPFL Laussane, Switzerland, University of Bucharest) Landscape integration in the procedure of environmental impact assessment (LANDEIA). Mentors: Alexandre Buttler / Ileana Pătru-Stupariu; PhD student: Andreea Nita (2012-2013). 
  3. SCIEX (EPFL Laussane, Switzerland, University of Bucharest) A multi scale resolution DEM processing using wavelet-based filtering techniques, 3D analyses and geostatistics (3DEMGEOSTATS). Mentors: François Golay / Ileana Pătru-Stupariu; PostDoc student: Magda Năpăruş (2012-2013). Accepted/Funded.
  4. SCIEX (ETH Zurich, Switzerland, University of Bucharest) Land use conflicts and environmental planning (LUCLP). Mentors: Anna Hersperger / Ileana Pătru-Stupariu; PhD student: Alina Tudor (2012-2013).
  5. WBI (University of Liege, Belgium, University of Bucharest) Monitoring paysager des parcs nationaux grâce aux outils de l’écologie du paysage. Mentors: Serge Schmitz / Ileana Pătru-Stupariu; PhD student: Alexandra Teleuca (2012-2013).

Main investigator

  1. AUF - Recherche en reseau (University of Liege, Belgium, University of Bucharest) Apports de la teledetection pour l’etude des georisques en Roumanie. Funded by Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie  (2003-2005).
  2. MRT (University of Liege, Belgium, University of Bucharest) The use of photogrammetry in the study of landslide dynamics, funded by Research and Technology Ministry - Belgium (2003-2004).

b) National Projects

Main investigator

  1. CNCSIS-UEFISCSU Development and implementation of an algorithm for landscape assessment and prognosis. Application to the mountainous and subcarpathian sector of the Prahova Valley, funded by The National University Research Council in Romania (2009-2011).
  2. CNCSIS-UEFISCSU Sustainable management of Subcarpathian landscapes: prioritizing methods and means, funded by The National University Research Council in Romania (2006-2008).
  3. CNCSIS-UEFISCSU Landscape dynamics and assessment in mountainous passageways of the Southern Carpathians, funded by The National University Research Council in Romania (2001-2002).

Membership of professional associations

President of  IALE Romania (2013-2017), Association of Landscape Ecology

Membership of professional associations SGR (Romanian Society of Geographers).


PhD/Master/Bachelor Thesis guidance

Research fields: landscape ecology, landscape dynamic and modeling, landscape fragmentation, ecosystem/landscape services, landscape planning, cultural landscape and geographical approaches on natural capital/society.

You can benefit of my guidance to prepare your PhD/Master/Bachelor Thesis on the above research fields. They are developed in our working group and through these topics you have the opportunity to be included in the CeLTIS research centre ( and in the working group with international visibility: IALE Romania (

For this please send: (i) a curriculum vitae, (ii) a letter of intent (where you have to indicate your desired research fields – see Research fields on CeLTIS and (iii) a presentation of 2-3 research questions/hypotheses of your study. This presentation can be done by reading at least 2 scientific articles (from Web of Science) from the past three years.

The three documents can be sent to


Îndrumare lucrări de doctorat/master/licenţă/Ileana Stupariu 

Direcţii de cercetare/Research fields  Ecologia peisajului, dinamica şi modelarea  peisajului, fragmentarea peisajului, serviciile ecosistemelor/peisajului, planificarea peisajului, peisaj cultural şi abordări geografice pe interfaţa capital natural/societate.

Puteţi beneficia de îndrumarea mea pentru pregătirea lucrării de doctorat/master/licenţă, dacă doriţi să contribuiţi la dezvoltarea direcţiilor de cercetare prezentate mai sus. Acestea sunt dezvoltate în grupul nostru de lucru, iar prin temele abordate aveţi oportunitatea de a fi integrat(ă) în Centrul de Cercetare CeLTIS şi în Grupul de lucru cu vizibilitate internaţională IALE România

Pentru aceasta trimiteţi: (i) un Curriculum vitae, (ii) o scrisoare de intenţie (în care trebuie să indicaţi direcţia în care doriţi să lucraţi - vezi  Research fields de pe site-ul  CeLTIS şi (iii) prezentarea a 2-3 întrebări şi ipoteze  de cercetare (research questions/ hypotheses) ale studiului. Această prezentare poate fi facută citind minim 2 articole ştiinţifice (din baza Web of Science) din ultimii trei ani.

Cele trei documente le puteţi trimite la adresa .


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