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Dr. Geta Rîșnoveanu Pagina Principala

Profesor Ecologie Sistemică și Dezvoltare Durabilă

Facultatea de Biologie

Departamentul de Ecologie Sistemică și Sustenabilitate

Geta Rîșnoveanu is currently Head of the Department of Systems Ecology and Sustainability, member of the Faculty of Biology Board, national representative for the European Federation for Freshwater Systems (EFFS), member of the Research Center in Systems Ecology and Sustainability, and a member of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates. She is also member of several international and national scientific bodies (e.g. European Federation for Freshwater Systems, EarthVoice Romania, Romanian Ecological Society, International Association for Danube Research). She graduated in Biology (1989) and got the Ph.D degree (1999) in Ecology at the University of Bucharest. Her PhD dealt with the structure and function of benthic invertebrates in the eutrophic systems of river Danube delta. She was appointed as junior professor in1990 and full professor in 2007. Her research was focused on ecology of aquatic invertebrate populations; food web functioning; energy fluxes and nutrient cycling at the ecosystem level; assessment of the ecological state of freshwaters; aquatic-terrestrial interlinkages; assessment of the range and mechanisms of ecosystem services under different environmental and habitat conditions. She acted as Principal Investigator or university team leader for several international financed projects (i.e. Understanding cross-habitat linkages between blue and green infrastructure to optimize management of biodiversity, ecosystem services and multiple human uses- CROSSLINK; Promoting the expertise in evaluation and monitoring of chemicals and hazardous substances in the environment – PROEXPERT; Echo - Balancing modernity and traditions in the development of local communities; Integrating Ecosystem Function into River Quality Assessment and Management; FARO-Foresight Analysis for Rural areas of Europe).


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