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Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies
PhD from the University of Bucharest (1999)

Bogdan Ștefănescu, Vice-Dean and editor-in-chief of University of Bucharest Review, teaches an introductory course in contemporary critical approaches, undergraduate survey courses in neo-classical, romantic, and twentieth-century British literature, and graduate courses in the rhetorical construction of national identity and in comparative postcommunist and postcolonial studies. 

A fellow and grantee of the Fulbright Commission, the British Council, the University of London, the University of Stuttgart, the European Commission, and the New Europe College in Bucharest, Dr. Ștefănescu wrote two book-length studies of British and European romanticism: Romanticism between Forma Mentis and Historical Profile (2000) and Romanticism in and beyond History (2001). He is also author of Patrii din cuvinte: o tipologie retorică a discursurilor identității naționale (2014) and of Postcommunism/Postcolonialism: Siblings of Subalternity (2013), co-author of Postcolonialism/Postcommunism. Dictionary of Key Terms (2011) and co-editor of Postcolonialism/PostcommunismIntersections and Overlaps (2011), all published by UB Press. His research interests also include translation and comparative literature studies and his literary translations (mostly from Romanian into English) have appeared individually or jointly in fifteen books from Romanian and US publishers.

Prof. Ștefănescu is a founding member of the Romanian Society for British and American Studies (for which he served on the Directors' Board between 1992 - 1994) and he has helped initiate the Literary Translation MA Program which has eventually developed into the Center for the Translation and Interpretation of Contemporary Texts at the University of Bucharest. He is also known for his work as deputy director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York (2005-2007), as a journalist and editor for Secolul 20, and as an interpreter and translator for leading Romanian, US and British organizations. His teaching was awarded the "My Bologna Professor" prize by the Romanian National Association of Student Organizations in 2009.

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